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Hula Dancing and Norwegian Black Metal

This is a follow up to my February 19th post about Flamenco Hoy, occasioned by another presentation of the World Music Institute in New York. It just so happened that some of my ideas about it resonated with a documentary … Continue reading

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Fruit Tarts at Canelle

This is a bakery off the 74th street stop in Queens. Most everything is worth checking out (and even makes the long walk from the Subway worth it. The fav is definitely the Fruit Tart, however, whose sablee texture is … Continue reading

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Noodles and Dumplings in Flushing, Queens

So after the first ever Flushing noodle/dumpling tour, there was a clear winner: Xi’an Famous Foods in the Golden Shoping center, 41-28 Main Street. Find the shopping center, go downstairs, and follow the warren to Xi’an (it is across the … Continue reading

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Mike’s Bikes

A conversation with a friend at the bar reminded me of this email I sent out just about six (!) years ago. I thought I’d post it. you know, for old times’ sake. Hey Everyone, I’ve been on the ground … Continue reading

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Why bother with the Oscars?

I know this is a blog about quality, and so the Oscars ceremony should be automatically precluded from the outset, but I can’t ignore a real time commentary thereon written by Ernest Myers III.1 It saved me four hours of … Continue reading

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