Another Murakami Recipe (Shrimp with Celery, Mushrooms, and Ginger)

So I have on multiple occasions attempted to recreate the green pepper and beef recipe that starts Toru and Kumiko’s fight in the initial chapters of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, with varying degrees of success. I was all too enthused then, so see that Tengo makes a dish with edamame, celery, mushrooms, and shrimp, and that his process is thoroughly enough described that I can try it on my own. Here it is:


Soy beans (in the pod)

Ginger (chopped to a fine consistency)

Celery (chopped to nice sized pieces)

Mushrooms (chopped to nice sized pieces)

Shrimp (shelled and deveined)

A small glass of sake

Soy sauce


Sesame Oil


1) Rub the soybeans with salt; boil until tender; drain and set in a colander to cool.

2) Warm a large frying pan and dribble some sesame oil into it.

3) Slowly fry the ginger over a low flame.

4) Put the sliced celery and mushrooms into the pan, turn the gas up to high, jog the pan

lightly, stir carefully with a spatula (preferable bamboo), add a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

5)When the vegetables are just beginning to cook, toss in the drained shrimp. Add another dose of salt and pepper.

6) Add the small glass of sake and a dash of soy sauce, finish with a scattering of cilantro.

7) When the contents of the pan are cooked, transfer them to a large platter with the soy beans.

8) Serve with a cold beer.

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One Response to Another Murakami Recipe (Shrimp with Celery, Mushrooms, and Ginger)

  1. murakamicooking says:

    Need to read 1Q84! Lots of great recipes in there it seems. I’m actually trying to cook up all the recipes from the books I’ve read so far, you can check out the recipes on if you’re interested!

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