Why bother with the Oscars?

I know this is a blog about quality, and so the Oscars ceremony should be automatically precluded from the outset, but I can’t ignore a real time commentary thereon written by Ernest Myers III.1 It saved me four hours of watching bored people in expensive clothes, it points out the worthwhile speeches,2 and its well-written.

All this leads me to the question: can something have quality if it itself originates in something as mediocre as the Oscars? That’s actually a serious question for me to ask; for one, I’m a Joyce fan, and the transformation of the mundane into literature is his bread and butter. For another, the Monumetal Literary Task I’ve set for myself3 very much faces the the problem of gleaning nuggets from a situation that can be pretty dire. It’s also a question for which I don’t have much of an answer. Any thoughts?

1In the interest of full disclosure, Ernest Myers III is a friend of mine. You’ll just have to trust me that I wouldn’t link to him if I didn’t think it was worth checking out.

2Some of which are available on youtube, including one, entirely unexpected, of Trent Reznor thanking the members of the Academy. Myers’ pick for best acceptance speech was delivered by David Seidler of The King’s Speech.

3Not Predator 2: the Musical; here I’m referring to my unpublished novella The John, which is essentially my attempt to find something worthwhile in my interactions with blissfully poshlusty residents of the demi-monde in Thailand.

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