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An Update from Marathoning

Here’s a little update from training. So I went out on a longish run this morning. I’d planned to get up around 7 or 8 to get out of the door early, but my love for sleep, my tendency to … Continue reading

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A Tantalizing Snippet

It’s my day off today and I came across this bit from a book on music in West Africa (the book centers on Guy Warren, who is Ghana’s best known drummer; the man arranged Handel’s Messiah for the African Talking … Continue reading

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Follow up to Ray Dalio Talk

Two interesting things that I forgot to mention in my last post about the Ray Dalio interview. Both of them came from the host’s persistent efforts to get Dalio to talk about how he avoided the housing bubble/credit crisis in … Continue reading

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Ray Dalio on Deleveraging

Caveat: this is post about macroeconomics, a subject that many people undoubtedly find boring.  If you want to skip watching the video, which runs about an hour, just read my takeaways at the end of the post—he’s a smart guy … Continue reading

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Ivan vs the church vs the Economist vs Nabokov

So I’m just about 70 pages into Brothers Karamazov and Dostoevsky is getting on with being Dostoevsky. His narrator has gone off on a tangent about why a realist is more likely than a convert to accept the existence of … Continue reading

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On Rereading The Brothers Karamazov

So I can only go so long without reading one of Dostoevsky’s big four novels it seems, and the time has come around again to tackle The Brothers Karamazov. As someone who’s written a book (as yet unpublished), I  can … Continue reading

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