Breaking Bad Season 4

Crazy spoiler alert!


Got that? Ok. Now I’m going to talk about Breaking Bad. I just finished a marathon viewing of Season 4 and it continues to:

A) Exceed my expectations.

B) Bear out the commonplace that all the good writing is happening for TV these days.

C) Bear out my theory that the series is a modern Shakespearean tragedy.

Walt’s never had to cook meth–he could have asked his former business partner to help pay for treatment. He could have said no to Gus initially. And now, at the end of season 4, he’s got every reason to get out of meth production. With Gus dead and the Mexican cartel in shambles he’s got no one demanding that he continue to cook and no one gunning for him. The pressure from the other side, from Hank looking into Gus’ operation, isn’t a worry either. The lab is destroyed, along with any evidence linking Walt and Jessie to it,  the DEA will be more than happy to pin everything on Gus. Hank and the DEA may not know the whole story, they may be bothered by the fact that it doesn’t really add up

The only problem, and this was foreshadowed at the dinner party, is that Walt needs more. He can’t let Hank think that Gale was Heisenberg. Even Skylar knowing his secret isn’t enough. He needs something beyond the money that cooking meth will give him. He needs credit for what he’s done. He wants recognition. He’s got a sick sort of ambition, and it is poisoning him from the inside out. I’m looking forward to how it all plays out.

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