A Forrest Gump Run

So today I did what I thought of as a Forrest Gump run. I started out with an idea of where I was going to go, but I just kept on until I felt like stopping. A friend had told me that the 59th street bridge and subsequent run up 2nd avenue were hard when she ran the course a few years ago, so that’s the route I took. She wasn’t lying, but I got up to Harlem okay (though going from the Upper East Side to Harlem is very, very strange. You pass a number of cutesy/shi-shi boutiques, the kind of places where a haircut can run a $1,000, then, all of a sudden, you’re in east Harlem, which is not the kind of place where a haircut costs a grand). And decided to run as far as I could back. A few notes:

  • The bridge was rough after the three miles it took to run to the ramp. I can’t imagine getting there after 13 miles.
  • The hills in Central park are no joke.
  • I feel better running on a slight incline than I do running downhill. This may be because I’m more wary of the impact on my heels when going down.
  • I had to stop around 33rd Place in Long Island City on my way back. Not being as committed as Forrest (“When I got tired, I slept…”) I had to get back home. I pulled a Rosie Ruiz and got on a bus.
  • The whole shbang totaled about 14mi+ (I say plus because I zig-zagged through central park and don’t know what the total would have been)

PSST! If you haven’t donated to the charity for which I’m raising funds, here’s another chance!

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