Keeping Tabs On Running

Hey everyone,

So as a part of training for the marathon I run about 3 times a week. Usually one of those is a longer run to get my body used to running for long periods of time and long distances (though those runs are getting less frequent now that I’m in the 15+ mile zone–don’t want to overdo it and get hurt!).

Now I am starting to mix it up a bit more. One of the routines my friend recommended was to do a mile as fast as I could, wait about 2 minutes, then do another mile. I time each mile and then try to outdo myself a bit on the next one.

While I am definitely not breaking any records, I am definitely improving: I did 5 miles today, averaging about 8:49 per mile.*

*A big source of error here is significant figures. Googlemaps only gives me the distance to the tenth of a mile, meaning I only have two S.F.s. Given that changing a single tenth of a mile changes my mile time by about 9 seconds, all that imprecision can really add up. There are a few ways I can add significant figures to get more accurate numbers:

A) run 10 miles at a time (not feasible for these short burst kind of runs)

B) Find a website that can give me more accurate distance measurements

C) Bite the bullet and getting a running app

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