Cherries, Coffee, and Running

A few more notes from my prep for the marathon.

  • I did four miles yesterday (scaling it way back from my 14 mile run last week).
  • I had a cup of coffee along with yogurt and cherries before I left; they went surprisingly well together, but the lingering flavor was a bit distracting every time a step caused me to burp.
  • On the advice of a friend I did a mile as fast as I could, took a two minute break, then did another mile, and so on (instead of just running at a constant pace).
  • Breaking up the routine like this really helps.
  • My first pair of running shoes is getting pretty old (my co-worker asked me if I’d stolen them from a sleeping homeless person on the L train), so I went out and bought a new pair… BUT!
  • After reading Born to Run I don’t want to cushion my feet too much. Figuring that I’d practically worn the soles of my old shoes down to nothing, I figured it was…
  • My calves REALLY hurt today,
  • I’ve got a cherry red blood blister on my big toe.
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