Running the Rolling Hills of Eastern Queens

I just finished what I thought was a long-ish run through my neighb in Queens and thought I’d share some thoughts

  • Only once did I almost barf. Unfortunately I was talking to my building manager at the time.
  • Before the near barf, I felt pretty great about running actually. I felt better about this week’s run than last week’s. I was feeling tip top about this before I checked Google maps and saw that I had run less distance. I’m thinking Google Maps was wrong.
  • Protein shakes are much better at keeping me going than Gatorade, and the tropicana apple juice I picked up along the way was a godsend (though two bucks was a little steep). The water fountains at Flushing bay kept me hydrated but also messed with my rhythm.
  • Queens needs more trees on its sidewalks.
  • If god made man a runner, the devil contributed chafe.
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