Armory Art Show 2012

So I have been very busy of late and haven’t had time to blog. Here are a few of the things I’ve been up to:

1) I finished the short stories by Pushkin. If I could change history to make one artist-who-died-young live until a ripe old age, it’d be either Pushkin or Mozart.

2) Been hard hard hard at work at my day job.

3) I took part in the armory art show yesterday.The short version was that there is an absolute overload of art to see, and it runs the gamut from good to bad. My two main takeaways were: A) it is always worth going to art shows, even if I don’t generally like contemporary art because B) you can always surprise yourself. In this case I found that I liked very flat images or pictures that had been manipulated and recut, a style that I don’t usually go for.

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