One weekend in Houston

I just got back from Houston (where I had a great time and had some amazing food) and compiled a list of signs, billboards and stores that I’d seen while there:

Fox News Retail Store
Golf Cars of Houston Superstore
Tool Club, etc.
Suits “U” Men’s Fashion (right next to Houston Forklift)
iFly: the Angler’s Edge
King Dollar: Nothing over $1.09

Zone d’ Erotica (with just that spacing, so that the sign appeared:

Cheated Out of Millions? Oil and Gas Lawsuit
Dago’s Tattoos. Piercing $5. Ladies free.
Secret Cabaret
Pumpkin Pie Shake (which actually sounded quite good)
Billboard with a picture of a watermelon reading “Crush Hunger, Not Your Foot”
Texas Tool Traders, Ranchero Buffet, Global Learning, Lawyer Specializing in Truck accidents (all in the same shopping center)

Caskets by Paradise
Truck Nation
Smoke Toys
Any Lab Test Now! (next to the Loan Depot)
Bunk Bed World
Bumper Man
Exit West Road: Get Dumped! (with no indication what services are being offered)
Hot Biscuit $3.99

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