Żubrówka Vodka

Here’s a few notes about an interesting infused vodka that I came by yesterday, along with a few other rediscoveries.

A liquor rep stopped by with some ideas for the bar and I got to taste a few of them. The Macallan 15 was, well, the Macallan 15 year. There was also The Black Grouse, an Isle of Islay blend (very peculiar) that was very nice; balanced, smooth and of course very peaty. If you’re tired of Johnnie Walker Black (and you probably should be), it makes a nice choice for blended scotch.

Far and away the highlight was the Żubrówka vodka. It’s a rye vodka that is then mixed with a tincture made with Buffalo grass from a forest shared by Poland and Belarus. The nose is sweet and there is also some coconut and vanilla scent going on (I’m always amazed when tropical flavors show up in cold-climate wines and liquors). I had it at room temperature and it was still incredibly smooth. Definitely a sipping vodka.

Later on in the night I had the chance to taste some Basil Hayden’s bourbon again. Light body, smooth, sweet and with some cool vegetal flavors in the background–waxy cucumber skin was what I tasted, but then, it was late, and I was distracted by conversation.

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